Polk Audio LC265i-IP Active Review

I am becoming more and more interested in an in-wall speaker setup. Not only for the WAF, which plays a big part, but as well for the wire management and clean layout they provide. I would be hard pressed to spend $3,000 on Polk's latest creation, however this speaker does get great reviews from Secrets Of Hi-Fi. IP based speakers, as these speakers are, have great potential for multi-zone setups and I will look for them to become the next big thing in whole house audio. The review itself also takes a look at a music server used take advantage of the IP based speakers.

From the article:

If you sit back and think about speaker technology over
the last 20 years, not much has changed.  Certainly, active speakers are not
new, but I think this new IP based technology is a dramatic swing. Whether
it catches on or not is yet to be seen.  Considering how mainstay whole
house audio distribution systems have become, I don't see why Polk Audio's
product wouldn't be incorporated into the scheme of things.