Analyst (Me): TiVo Should Buy SageTV


Well, it wouldn't be a blog without a little bit of armchair analyst going on. Whilst browsing for news over the past few days, I stumbled across PVRWire's article about things TiVo could do better to improve their product. One of the items was to have TiVo PVR software for the PC available. 


Now I would like to say that it took me more then a few hours on my special thinking place to figure out this marriage but it really didn't.


Sage would be a perfect fit for TiVo. They have the whole placeshifting, media extender, PC PVR software, and even a few media center tricks figured out. Both products are very PVR orientated and are well reviewed among TV nuts, so it only makes sense that these two would get along just fine.


The good is that TiVo lovers, would get placeshifting love and hopefully cheap extender love as well. The bad is the loyal Sage community might get squashed in the process as Sage get swallowed up by a much larger corporate entity.


What does it boil down too? TiVo needs to freshen up its products and Sage has the answer.