State Of The Website Address

Has it been four months already? It just seems like yesterday I was wondering how we were going to pull this whole website off. I would like to start off by thanking everyone for getting one of the best communities on the net off to a great start. Of course, I have to say that ;).


For those of you just starting to come here and enjoy a daily dose of digital home news, reviews, and community loving, let me give you a little blurb on what we are all about. I started this website in October with the hopes of becoming a place where people are able to come to get the information they need to set up their digital home. A few examples of this may be setting up your home theater, connecting a HTPC to a home theater, and even a review or two of the products.

Given that the staff here has a very strong media center background, its not hard to see why we have a very strong Media Center feel to our website right now. However, we have no intentions of abandoning all other aspects of a digital home. A few of you may have noticed that we posted our first A/V review of the OPPO DV-981HD. As our site grows, you can expect many more of those type of reviews to compliment what we already have. We are always open to suggestions for Media Center alternative articles. My line is always open, you can reach me at alan at missingremote dot com.

Ultimately our goal is to have a strong foundation of home theater, home automation, and media center reviews and a series of articles on how to tie all three together in a system that every wife would approve of. 1.5, maybe even 2.0, depending how generous we are with the numbering system is just around the corner. Mainly planned for the next version is navigational and spam filtering improvements. We aren't ones for big releases and fanfare, so you will likely see features implemented over the next month as they are completed. Once again, feel free to send in your suggestions and feedback, we do what we can. What is after MR 2.0? A website full of round corners and blue puffy icons? Hell no. Here a few things that I would like to see us accomplish in the future.

  • Grow the A/V and HA portions of our site
  • A photo gallery so everyone can show off their home theater setups
  • A series of articles on how to get the most out of your Media Center
  • Home Theater basics series (i.e. setting up a HDTV)
  • Many more contests
  • Provide OEM systems evaluations

On the staffing side of things, we have a new person on board. Lothar has decided, against his better judgment I am sure, to join has a moderator/casual review person/Linux guru. Here is's current staff.

Alan C. – Owner/News Guy/Fill in article guy.

John C. – Systems Admin/Senior Editor/Linux Guru

Matt W. – Senior Editor for Home Theater/Media Center

Mike G. – Senior News Editor/Media Center and Home Automation Editor/Microsoft MVP

Dan S. – Editor for Home Theater and Home Automation

Tim – Moderator/casual article contributor

As you can tell by all the advertisements, is not a full time job for us. Nevertheless, we are committed to providing a quality professional website.

I do have one favor to ask of from the community. If you come across an article you think others would be interested in seeing, please submit it to news @ missingremote. com 


Thanks to everyone involved with Without those guys listed above, I would likely be 50 pounds heavier playing World Of Warcraft. This is clearly a team effort and I thank them for taking part. Thank you to our readers. 🙂 There isn't much point in doing this stuff unless someone is around to enjoy this. 🙂

Best Regards,


Alan Cooke