ReplayTV, quit Replaying!!!


I was just greeted with a lovely SPAM e-mail from ReplayTV, promoting their PVR software and offering me a whopping 20% discount on it. What's the problem with this? Where to begin. I know how Replay got my e-mail address, I gave it to them when I signed up for their beta program for their software before it was launched. Let me count how many times the fellas at Replay contacted me to offer my advice: 0. Did I even get a courtesy "Sorry, you don't qualify." Nope. Zilch.


The first time I heard from them was after the product launched, and then only to spam me. Did I forward the e-mail to get off their list, Yes. Did I continue to receive e-mails? Sure did.


I'm blogging about this because I'm just baffled at Replay's plan. I can't be the only person that is extremely irritated by Replay & their guerrilla marketing tactics. It doesn't bother me that I wasn't selected to beta test (how I would not qualify is beyond me, but that's besides the point). What does bother me, is not doing a proper beta test, putting out a less-than-stellar first version, and then only having PC Magazine review it.


The funny thing, is if Replay contacted me today, and asked me to review their software, I still would. And I'd remain unbiased. I really do care for the Media Center market, and want the best products out there, and if there are flaws that can be improved upon, I'd love to be able to help & suggest. I just wish I could figure out some marketing schemes these companies have at times.