DCM Speaker Set

The more and more I research speakers from the $1500 to $2000 range, the more I found out there is a lot of choices out there. It is going to take some serious research on my end to truly find out what sings to me. Secrets Of HIFI has a DCM set of speakers in their studio today.

From the review:

DCM previously sold speakers
through some retailers, but today they market directly to consumers through
their own website. They offer a 30-day money back
guarantee and a 10-year warranty on their speakers. As a five-channel system
(excluding subwoofer), this TimeFrame Evolution setup would carry an MSRP of
$1,849 although each of the models is sold separately. The clear standout of
the bunch are the TFE200 towers, with their near full-range response and
robust dynamics. The $1500-2000 price category has stiff competition,
including several other internet direct sellers, but the TimeFrames offer a
lot of speaker for the money and are certainly worth a listen.