AMD’s 690G chipset

With the release of the 690G chipset to the public, HTPC enthusiasts everywhere are wondering if this is the next 6150 chipset killer. On paper, it appears to be very well suited with its integrated graphics sporting HDMI out with HDCP. However, it seems to fall flat with gaming performance only slightly better then the 6150 and CPU useage during video playback falls behind the PureVideo platform. You can expect Nvidia to counter in short order with the 7050 chipset at CeBIT.

Perhaps some driver improvements from AMD will make this a more attractive platform.

From the article:

Given its wealth of video output options, it's only fitting that the 690G is also equipped with an Avivo video processing engine. Avivo handles tasks like video scaling, decode acceleration, 3:2 pulldown detection, and other widgets that enhance video playback quality. Nvidia calls its video processing engine PureVideo; it offers many of the same features Avivo does. Only AMD's graphics drivers are needed to enable the 690G's Avivo capabilities, but you actually have to purchase PureVideo decoder software from Nvidia to unlock the GeForce 6150's video processing engine. PureVideo isn't supported on the GeForce 6150 SE, either.