MythTV Is Now Forked As Torc

Well this is interesting news.  It appears that one of the MythTV developers is splitting off the MythTV project with his own branch of code.  It look like the idea is to drop a lot of the legacy support in order to modernize the project more quickly and easily.  One of the things that I liked about MythTV is the ability to run it on older hardware.  At one point I had a MythTV server with three analog tuners running on a Pentium II 400MHz CPU. I thought that was impressive.  However, that was a number of years ago and at this point I have to say that I fully support the desire to drop support of older systems in order to bring in new features and bling.  It will be interesting to see where this project goes and I will be sure to keep an eye on it.

From an anonymous Phoronix reader I received the following message: 

MythTV has been forked by one of its primary developers, Mark Kendall. Mark is responsible for many of the popular features of the past few years including VAAPI support, VDPAU support, VDA support, major player improvements, Airplay Support, AirVideo support, and countless others. 

Mark is working on his new branch, called “Torc,” and has already begun to rip out years worth of unmaintainable and legacy code. Mark appears to be intending to remove the code that prevents MythTV from becoming a fully modern project, and his talents and contributions to the MythTV project suggest that he has a good chance of succeeding.


  • Exciting news indeed. I’ve

    Exciting news indeed. I’ve always simply preferred WMC to MythTV, as much as I admired the project, but a more forward-thinking, and hopefully more rapidly iterated, variation of MythTV will be something to keep an eye on.