Linux Gets Plasma Media Center from KDE


Linux users have a new media center frontend option in the form of Plasma Media Center, a new release from KDE, the development team behind one of the more popular graphical desktop environments for Linux. PMC provides unified access to movies, photos and music across PCs, TVs, tablets and other devices capable of running KDE. The 1.0 version can access […]

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XBMC Accepted into Official Debian Distribution

XBMC and Debian

XBMC has always had a strong connection with the Linux community and been well supported across the major distros. Indeed, the recent 11.0 “Eden” release came with a big change-up in the Live CD version, which is now called XBMCbuntu and offers a complete Ubuntu desktop installation lurking in the background for anyone interested in leaving the warm embrace of the […]

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MythTV 0.25 Released!

It’s finally there.  As of late last night/early this morning, MythTV 0.25 is finally available officially.  After a mere “516 days (that’s 1 year, 4 months, 30 days)” according to the developers, a new version is available.  This update has been long awaited in the MythTV community and it sounds like a lot of work went into it.  I look […]

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MythTV 0.25-beta Released

It looks like the MythTV dev’s are sticking pretty close to their proposed release schedule.  Posted on the Mythtv home page is an announcement that the MythTV Beta is now available.  The proposed schedule indicated March 4 and the announcement was on March 5.  Not bad.  If this keeps up, we’ll see a new release of MythTV next month, at […]

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Adobe Announces Plans To Abandon Flash On Linux

Well, I hope that all of you Linux users like to use Chrome.  It looks like Adobe is cutting off Linux Flash support after 11.2.  It appears that there is an API to do Flash support but right now only Google has implemented it.  It appears that Mozilla has previously stated that they will not support it on FireFox.  While […]

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MythTV Is Now Forked As Torc

Well this is interesting news.  It appears that one of the MythTV developers is splitting off the MythTV project with his own branch of code.  It look like the idea is to drop a lot of the legacy support in order to modernize the project more quickly and easily.  One of the things that I liked about MythTV is the […]

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MythTV on Windows?!

Welcome to MythTV on Windows

MythTV is complicated to setup.  MythTV only runs under Linux.  MythTV is only for people who like to tweak their setups all the time…These are some of the stereotypes surrounding MythTV.  While this may have been true at one point things have gotten much easier lately.  One of the things that has gotten a lot of recent attention is building […]

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OpenELEC Version 1.0 Released


Version 1.0 of OpenELEC has been released to the public. OpenELEC, or Open Embedded Linux Entertainment Center, is a Linux distro built from the ground up to serve one purpose: to run XBMC. Version 1.0 of OpenELEC has been released to the public. With Linux stripped down and rebuilt to serve the needs of XBMC, the OpenELEC team are promising an […]

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GeeXboX Hits 2.0 with a Shot in the ARM


Many moons ago, when I first got started playing with HTPCs, I spent a lot of time vacillating between various Windows front-ends and media-centric Linux distros. The Linux distros in particular always intrigued me because most of them were available as Live CDs. One of those distros was GeeXbox. GeeXboX development has always been on a slow burn and I […]

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