XBMC Accepted into Official Debian Distribution

XBMC and Debian

XBMC has always had a strong connection with the Linux community and been well supported across the major distros. Indeed, the recent 11.0 “Eden” release came with a big change-up in the Live CD version, which is now called XBMCbuntu and offers a complete Ubuntu desktop installation lurking in the background for anyone interested in leaving the warm embrace of the XBMC frontend. XBMC has also been included in several major distros such as Mandriva and Gentoo. The XBMC team has arguably scored their biggest win to date with the announcement that XBMC has been accepted into the official Debian distribution. Though Debian itself doesn’t necessarily capture a lot of attention from casual Linux users, it is a major force if only because of the many popular distros that are derived from Debian. Users of distros that stay synced with the Debian repositories will no longer need to turn to the XBMC PPA. It is exciting to think that the next time I get a hankering to play with Mint, XBMC will only be an apt-get away.

Linux users rejoice! Thanks primarily to the hard work of Andres Mejia, XBMC has been accepted into the official Debian distribution! In the past we have been unable to make it into Debian as the sheer size and complexity of XBMC made the review process so difficult, so Andres, an XBMC developer who was working to become a Debian Developer already, volunteered to maintain it himself.