Samsung Confirms 3D TV Market Growth Slow

Samsung TV

TP Vision wasn’t the only company on hand at the IFA Global Press Conference in Croatia this week. Samsung was also there to outline its plans to continue to dominate TV sales. Like TP Vision, Samsung had a lot of praise to share for the growth of smart TVs, but Samsung was also sharing some less than encouraging news about […]

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Passive Power Supply Roundup

SeaSonic X Fanless

Few things can take the shine off a new HTPC faster than a noisy fan, and few components are more likely to be the source of that noisy fan than the power supply. There are many ways to hide the sound of a CPU cooler and eliminate case fans, but for most folks, there is little remedy for a PSU […]

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Pulse-Eight Motorola NYXboard Hybrid Remote Reviewed

NYXBoard Hybrid Remote

It has been about a year since Pulse-Eight announced that they would be selling the Motorola NYXboard Hybrid remote control. It was a pretty exciting announcement if only because we so rarely see a company so unabashedly targeting the HTPC market. The NYXboard is an interesting universal remote control for HTPC users for a number of reasons. For one thing, […]

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