MythTV 0.25 Released!

It’s finally there.  As of late last night/early this morning, MythTV 0.25 is finally available officially.  After a mere “516 days (that’s 1 year, 4 months, 30 days)” according to the developers, a new version is available.  This update has been long awaited in the MythTV community and it sounds like a lot of work went into it.  I look forward to testing out the new features and when I do you can be sure to find a write up here.

MythTV version 0.25 includes several significant new features. A few key items to point out – new video acceleration capabilities such as VAAPI and DirectX Video Acceleration 2; expanded and improved audio capabilities including E-AC3, TrueHD, and DTS-HD support; Control your TV and other AV components via CEC (Consumer Electronics Control); enhanced and integrated metadata management capabilities for recordings and videos, and a fully functional API for third-party apps to build upon that can interact with both the frontend and backend – including a HTTP Live Streaming capabilities for delivering video content, in real-time, via the API.

Also noteworthy – MythMusic has been completely re-written and MythVideo is now directly integrated rather than being distributed as a separate plugin. Additionally, MythThemes is no longer maintained as a separate repository – all themes, including third party themes, can now be downloaded directly from the frontend theme chooser.