MythTV 0.25-beta Released

It looks like the MythTV dev’s are sticking pretty close to their proposed release schedule.  Posted on the Mythtv home page is an announcement that the MythTV Beta is now available.  The proposed schedule indicated March 4 and the announcement was on March 5.  Not bad.  If this keeps up, we’ll see a new release of MythTV next month, at the beginning of April.  The current version of MythTV (0.24) was originally released in November of 2010 so this release has been long awaited.  There have been minor increments since then (0.24.1 in May, 2011 and 0.24.2 in Jan, 2012) but this is the first major increment in a while.

At long last, we are releasing 0.25-beta. This is the first stage towards a full release of 0.25 (with a target date of April 2). There have been many changes made since the 0.24 releases. For a list of changes, see the Release Notes.