Verizon’s My FiOS App Puts Your Entire Living Room Under Your Thumb


Verizon currently has more than a half-dozen apps in the Android Marketplace that allow Verizon FiOS subscribers to access the functionality of their service from a mobile device. While undoubtedly generous, it also sounds a bit unwieldy. The newly released My FiOS app brings the functionality that had been spread across several apps into one single app. 

A similarly integrated app is expected for iOS devices in the near future. Bringing account access, DVR control, and On Demand media management into a single app will undoubtedly be welcomed by Verizon FiOS subsciribers, but the functionality that most intrigued me was the home automation control. I wasn’t even aware that this was a service offered by Verizon. Any FiOS subscribers taking advantage of the new app?

Instead of say launching an individual mobile program to change channels on our Verizon DVR and then launching another to manage recordings, those formerly distinct functions are now logically accessed and controlled via the single interface of MY FiOS.

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