Llano Mini-ITX motherboard face off

Having seen what Llano can do you may be wondering what the perfect motherboard would be for your SFF system.  Looks like TECH REPORT is helping us out today with their shootout between two mini-ITX boards from ASUS and ZOTAC.

AMD’s latest mainstream desktop platform boasts arguably the most potent two-chip combo in the industry. At the head, you’ve got an A-series APU powered by the latest Llano silicon, which offers four reasonably fast CPU cores backed by a DirectX 11-class Radeon that puts competing integrated graphics solutions to shame. Baby’s got back, too. The tail end features a Hudson-based platform hub that’s loaded with 6Gbps Serial ATA and USB 3.0 connectivity. No other tag team offers such a cutting-edge array of baked-in goodness, making this Lynx platform perfect for the next wave of small-form-factor systems.


  • Been on the fence with Llano

    Been on the fence with Llano as I would like to replace my clarkdale mini-itx mobo in one of my HTPCs (probably gonna move that to building some test server). The ASUS mini-itx does seem rather compelling (even though on the pricier side). Something about Llano though just doesn’t quite give me a warm and fuzzy feeling yet.

    • Yeah, there is no clear

      Yeah, there is no clear winner in the IPG segment right now.

      • So whats your preference

        So whats your preference these days? IGP platform or some platform + dGPU (assuming no gaming)

        • I use a SNB IPG in my main

          I use a SNB IPG in my main system.  If you’re not using madVR, I don’t see the point of dGPU for a new build right now.