• More set-backs for the SD

    More set-backs for the SD CableCARD tuners. It looks as if there was a bad batch of chips and the 6CC product was halted after the pilot run and new SDRAM chips shipped from another vendor to the factory (in China?) where another pilot run was made and passed.

    The 6CC model and 3CC model are being made on the same production line so they won’t start making the 3CC device until the 6CC run is completed.

    SD is assembling and burning the certificates for the 6CC at it’s facility, the 3CC are going to another USA (?) plant for final assembly and certificate (cable labs licence and unique Host ID) burning.

    No way to forecast the length of the delay since we have no knowledge of the number of 6CC orders and 3CC orders at Newegg.

  • yikes. Thanks for the update

    yikes. Thanks for the update john, is it bad that i’m not surprised?