Nixeus Fusion HD Reviewed

I wonder if Damian (dbone) gets tired of reviewing Media Players? 🙂 In his seemingly 50th review, he’s got the Nixeus Fusion HD up to the gauntlet. It’s tough when a company has a first generation anything, and unfortunately it seems this one is no exception. Let’s hope they don’t abandon the field though. But just as shown in our Media Player Comparison Guide, there are a ton of players out there!

Overall the Fusion HD is not a bad design. It is compact and should be able to fit in almost any home theater setup. The one item in particular that could turn off some potential customers is the inclusion of a fan. Although not loud I did find the fan to be audible when the room was quiet. I would prefer to see a move to a fanless case with heatsink to take care of the heat (most likely requiring an aluminum case over the current plastic case). One additional thing I would like to see is the addition of an HDMI cable as part of the total package.


  • Haha, not quite tired yet,

    Haha, not quite tired yet, but honestly I am ready to review a player that brings something new to the table. My guess we may not see that until next year when the new Sigma SMP8910 comes out or some cutting edge processor (which of course will bring new bugs and headaches!!!)