Samsung UN46B8500 46-Inch LCD HDTV


I’m actually in the market for a new TV and looks like this is a solid option…except $3600 is a bit out of my price range for a 46 inch. But still, good words from the guys at S&V Magazine.



Samsung has managed to pull off a hat trick with its UN46B8500. Here, finally, is a truly flat LCD TV that’s capable of delivering consistently deep blacks and strong shadow detail, and also provides good color accuracy right out of the box. And its Widget collection is also impressive, especially now with Samsung’s recent addition of Blockbuster OnDemand movie streaming. The only issues that would temper my enthusiasm are its limited viewing angle and its price — at $3,600 list, you’re definitely paying for the UN46B8500’s performance. But if you’re swayed by neither of those issues, you can rest easy knowing that this slim Samsung is the best LCD TV we’ve tested in the past year.