Ballmer: More Xbox Form Factors in the Future?

I meant to post this earlier. Nothing concrete here but some interesting words from the head of Microsoft. Not exactly a glowing show of support for Media Center itself, but still having some sort of device in the living room is at least still on their minds. GearLog "In the case of the TV we’ve got both strategies. We actually […]

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THX Certified HDTVs – Useful or Just Marketing?

Big fan of Lloyd Case from his past work and good to see he found a home at Anandtech. Here he’s covering the discussion of THX Certified HDTVs and whether they’re worth anything. Anandtech The implication of buying THX certified gear is that you get that sound mixing room environment. Any home theater enthusiast will know this simply isn’t the […]

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Intel DH57JG and Core i3-530


  Intel DH57JG and Core i3-530 Review With more mini-ITX options than ever it’s a great time for small form factor (SFF) PCs.  Enthusiasts are finding more ways to get the most out of these tiny boxes both in the A/V stack and backing it.  Take a look with us at the soon to be released Intel DH57JG motherboard paired […]

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