GoogleReader MCE


And continuing on the trend of new MCE plugins, here’s one that ties in the new 10′ interface for Google Reader into Media Center. Kudos to Martin (of TunerFree fame) for his continuing good work!   MillieSoft Of course the ideal place to make use of a 10 foot google reader interface is in Media Center, so GoogleReader MCE is […]

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Revenge of the Cable Guys

Interesting article from Business Week, and a lot of what they say make sense as more MSO’s come out with their own internet streaming broadcast models. This next year will be interesting to see not only how they fare, but also how the smaller players like Boxee evolve (which we know they will) Business Week As the big picture comes […]

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LG 42SL8000 (SL80) review

Another nice display for you to consider in your purchases. No web integration or apps though, which is a disappointment, but quality appears to be solid. FlatPanelsHD SL8000 really impresses me with a beautiful and rich, detailed picture. SD quality is better than on most LCD-TV out there today and far better than on previous LG LCD-TVs. Analogue signals from […]

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