VidaBox vCase3 Premium mATX HTPC chassis review


This chassis really reminds me of the old Silverstone low profile chasses I tried building a system with. There’s a lot of sacrifices you make when going low profile, but given the plethora of wonderful on-board video solutions, life is probably much simpler nowadays. Not sure it’s going to be worth the $200 investment, but agree it’s better than the […]

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Samsung UN46B8500 46-Inch LCD HDTV


I’m actually in the market for a new TV and looks like this is a solid option…except $3600 is a bit out of my price range for a 46 inch. But still, good words from the guys at S&V Magazine.   S&V Samsung has managed to pull off a hat trick with its UN46B8500. Here, finally, is a truly flat […]

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MissingRemote Forum Roundup, Friday March 5th

We haven’t done this in a while as Alan was much better at this than I am, but I wanted to get back and let everyone know about some great discussions going over in the MissingRemote Forums. Feel free to hop in on any existing discussion, start a new one, or ask any questions no matter how technical or basic […]

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Puget Echo I HTPC System Review


You don’t need me to tell you that when it comes to HTPC’s, small is the new fad. TestFreaks has a build and review of a small form factor system and how it handles things. Seems to do a good job, although I’m not a huge fan of the rather bland chassis.   TestFreaks The Puget Systems Echo I is […]

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A preview of meta 2.0.

Looks like not much longer til I’m going to have to  update our Movie Manager Battle article . I know Mikinho is actively working on his YAMMM application, and now word that a new 2.0 Release of Meta Browser is scheduled and includes a ton of changes. Going to be honest, I’m not exactly sure how necessary the drag and […]

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