A preview of meta 2.0.

Looks like not much longer til I’m going to have to  update our Movie Manager Battle article . I know Mikinho is actively working on his YAMMM application, and now word that a new 2.0 Release of Meta Browser is scheduled and includes a ton of changes. Going to be honest, I’m not exactly sure how necessary the drag and drop capabilities are, but apparently a lot of work has gone into being able to automate things, which was my major issue with the original release. Kudos to the developer!

In the time I’ve spent testing and reviewing this application, it has
become clear to me that this is not an ‘upgrade’ to the currently
available meta
1.0 application. meta
2.0 is completely rewritten from the ground up and has improved upon
the old release in every way. The settings, interface configuration,
monitoring, open plugin framework, etc. are all vastly improved and/or
completely new. It is also completely possible, with the right
configuration, to make meta
2.0 a set-and-forget application as it can automate all tasks it is
capable of doing manually.