March 16th Blu-ray Releases

Not that many big movies out this week. Armored has a fairly large cast of has-beens, and it was pretty painful to watch (seriously…it reaches the point of being ridiculous soon after it starts). Did You Hear About The Morgans is about as predictable as the trailer made it out to seem, but I’m sure Hugh Grant fans (are there […]

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Diamond ATI TV Wonder 750 USB Review

Here’s another tuner review for ya, but this one is much more of the common variety. But at only $50, it’s super affordable and USB means for a simple installation. Overclockers Club The Diamond ATI TV Wonder 750 CPU usage was minimal in both High Definition and Standard Definition. For HD content, the CPU usage was around 11% and at […]

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Download Hulu TV Shows With Stream Transport


Who wants to guess how long before someone over at Hulu locks this down?! Pretty cool while it works though! Grab your favorite streams straight from Hulu…….or just *cough* learn to use Bitorrent. 🙂   GHacks Stream Transport is a new software program for the Windows operating system that can download tv shows from Hulu – and other online video […]

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Netflix App Streams Gorgeously on Windows Phone 7


Sorry so late on this, sure most of you have caught wind of this Windows Phone 7 news by now, but the interface seems pretty slick!   Gizmodo Here’s the first demo of Netflix running on Windows Phone 7. Keep in mind, it’s technically a prototype, but equipped with show subscriptions and 3G streaming, Netflix is super hot on the […]

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AVerMedia AVerTV HD DVR video capture card – With HDMI


I’m not sure how this has slipped under the radar…most of us I take it expected the HD DVR capture card from AVerMedia to be identical to the HD PVR from Hauppauge…but apparently it has HDMI input as well!! Not surprisingly though, the HDMI is definitely tricky…but if you’re willing to wait, the price seems right.   CrunchGear Recording works […]

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Report: Sony Not Shortening Theatrical Window

Interesting perspective from the head of Sony, as they continue to not go with the norm and try to establish their own trends. Home Media Mag He didn’t include DVD and Blu-ray Disc in the aforementioned revenue sources despite growing pressure from domestic theater operators upset by actions taken by Disney to shorten by four weeks the theatrical run of […]

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GeeXboX 2.0 Alpha 2 released


Do you like free stuff? Do you like penguins? Well hey, then Linux is what you should be using for your HTPC!! And we have some guys here who will help you get started. A new GeeXBoX release of their HTPC software is out for your approval. It’s pretty cool to see how the app has evolved over the years, […]

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