March 16th Blu-ray Releases

Not that many big movies out this week. Armored has a fairly large cast of has-beens, and it was pretty painful to watch (seriously…it reaches the point of being ridiculous soon after it starts). Did You Hear About The Morgans is about as predictable as the trailer made it out to seem, but I’m sure Hugh Grant fans (are there any left?) will not be disappointed. I haven’t seen Ninja Assasin yet, but it looks promisingly bloody and action packed, but I couldn’t recommend it as I hadn’t seen it yet. And I have to be curious at how the Blu-ray of Wizard of Oz will look remastered (again). So with that…

MissingRemote’s Pick of the Week


I know, not the recommendation you expected from your local horror/thriller/action movie fan, but hey, I can appreciate a variety of different film genres. This film was surprisingly entertaining and I can understand why it got a fair amount of attention. Funny characters, pretty entertaining script even for adults all while maintaining the usual you would expect from Disney–singing.