Control of AMX from iPad.

  e introduce you a new version of iRidium program for AMX and iPad / iPhone / iPod. The new version is available on AppStore! Remind you that iRidium transforms iPad / iPhone / iPod into the “native” AMX system control panel. iRidium allows you to operate such subsystems as: lighting, heating, climate control, video-surveillance, security, audio-video, multimedia-server. Also iRidium allows you […]

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Anatomy of a Home Security System

Home Security Touchpad

This is a pretty good introduction to the world of home security.  Nothing fancy, but a good way to get your gears turning and headed down the path to home security.  Due to some recent break-ins and thefts in the area, I’ve been considering one myself, but the two very large dogs in the house would pose a problem to […]

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Optoma HD20 DLP Projector Review

Optoma HD 20 Projector

For <$1000 you could be rocking a 1080p projector and watching a 100" screen.  That’s just a drop in the bucket compared to the price of the larger LCD and plasma sets on the market.  If I had a large enough room to arrange and accommodate a projector, I’d be seriously considering this one. Optoma has upped the bar with […]

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Thursday Podcast Roundup, March 11th 2010

Been busy with a new job I just started, so posting the Thursday news a bit earlier. Enjoy! MythTV Cast – Episode 17 MythTV vs Tivo vs AppleTV. MythMote Andorid remote control application.     Seen in HD 24 – Managed Copy, new TiVos, Rescue Dawn review We start out with a whimsical look at the Sony ApacolyPS3 (thanks to […]

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AMX Control with New iRidium iPad App


I’m not sure how many of you guys have AMX controls at your house (that stuff is sweet, but very expensive)…but if you DO, then you’ll be excited about this news. And also, you probably will be able to afford the iPad no problems.   Automated Home "We introduce you a new version of iRidium program for AMX and iPad […]

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So this is not confirmed, but Monoprice says there’s a chance that some of their info may have been hacked. Just a caution, since I’m sure lots of you buy from there for their amazing prices on cables. So just check your statements carefully. We want to ensure that there is no security vulnerability in any part of our […]

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