VidaBox vCase3 Premium mATX HTPC chassis review


This chassis really reminds me of the old Silverstone low profile chasses I tried building a system with. There’s a lot of sacrifices you make when going low profile, but given the plethora of wonderful on-board video solutions, life is probably much simpler nowadays. Not sure it’s going to be worth the $200 investment, but agree it’s better than the original $300 asking price.



Granted though, we like the simplicity, and versatility. The vCase3 can house multiple HDDs, a regular power supply and with the current selection of mATX motherboards available can make a serious HTPC or even regular PC. Rubber feet, sleek black design, good interior, good connectivity, anti-vibration ODD/HDD protection and we didn’t even mention it, but the fan is quite silent as well. We really can appreciate this chassis for what it is, does and offers.