MissingRemote Forum Roundup, Friday March 5th

We haven’t done this in a while as Alan was much better at this than I am, but I wanted to get back and let everyone know about some great discussions going over in the MissingRemote Forums. Feel free to hop in on any existing discussion, start a new one, or ask any questions no matter how technical or basic they may be. Or just use it to let off a little steam (we’re all rooting for you Bigee!)

Here are some of the most active threads this week:

 A look at Solid State Drives (SSD) v. Hard Drives (HD)

Do I really need a Softsled solution

ShadowHC’s HTPC/Server Build Log Continues Strong

Which Home Automation Device to use asks fornold, Zigbee, Z-Wave or X10

Got a new Windows 7 system built or bought and looking for tips? Is there a Win7 New Computer Setup Guide?

Digital Cable Switch affecting you?