September 8th Blu-ray Releases

We went from a week of some remastered classics in Braveheart and Gladiator to now I’m recommending Crank. Lots of fun picks this week but I felt Crank would be best suited for you action fanatics looking to max out your theater sound. Freddy & Jason was a fun ride as well for you horror fans, and Fringe was a surprisingly addicting TV series which is coming back shortly on the tube, so just in time to catch you up with what’s going on. And then there’s Over The Top….on Blu-ray….because Stallone’s biceps need that extra detail.

MissingRemote’s Pick of the Week

Not exactly a classic, but very entertaining. Going into this, you probably have already seen the original testosterone-filled Crank featuring Jason Statham and this takes it even more to the extreme. Some pretty fun stunts and chase scenes involved. Definitely not for the young but an interesting experience, I look forward to seeing what they have added for the Blu-ray release.