NPD: Blu-ray will penetrate mainstream by next year

Blu-ray’s Dead, everything is going digital. Oh, just kidding, Long live blu-ray! And on and on this debate will continue as more reports come out stating the demise and growth of the high definition format. I’m on the side that thinks it’ll take over DVDs eventually, but prices on discs have to come down first.

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The research company analyzed the types of consumers using Blu-ray set-tops in February 2008 and those using Blu-ray set-top players this August. Over the months, the Blu-ray consumer base broadened beyond early adopters, which NPD calls “cutting-edge” consumers to “sensibles,” older people who can afford new technology but don’t rush to buy it, and “dreamers,” who want new gadgets but are deterred by price. If this trend holds up through the heavy holiday shopping period, NPD expects Blu-ray players will start getting described as mainstream products early next year, breaking them free of their current niche status.