DFI Hybrid Motherboard HD Video Preview


I’m not sure if you all have seen this, but it’s a pretty innovative idea from the folks at DFI. Basically it’s combining 2 systems into a single motherboard, which could be useful if you do a lot of HTPC and gaming. I’m curious to see the wattage ramifications of such a system, but this definitely shows some outside the box thinking.


It turned out that DFI created a totally unique motherboard design that actually allows for two systems to run shared (KVM style) or fully independent of each other, on the one single board. The left side of the system is built up of the components for the NVIDIA ION and Intel Atom platform. This part could be used as a low-power file server or torrent downloading system or even Blu-ray movie playback. And the right side of the board features the parts seen on a traditional P45 + Socket 775 CPU motherboard, which could be used for gaming, video editing or other intensive applications.