Insignia NS-L42X-10A HDTV Review


In the market for an affordable 42" television? Then you are probably considering Best Buy’s Insignia brand of LCD’s, which apparantly have improved in their overall quality and performance. Of course do your research on others available, but this model looks like a very solid display at a Sub-$800 price.



A feature called DCM Plus leverages the L42X’s 120Hz refresh rate to smooth out motion by generating artificial frames in-between the native frames of source content (which is typically 30 frames per second). Insignia calls it DCM Plus, and offers low, normal and high settings, along with the option to turn it off completely. Unfortunately, because the frames must be artificially generated using algorithms, jerky, fast-motion content can sometimes throw it off, producing artificacts around the edges of moving objects and a spacey sense that film is slowing down or speeding up. We found it tolerable during slow-paced scenes on low and normal, but even normal became unacceptable when we moved onto faster-paced scenes, like shoot-em-up sequences from Robocop. The high setting almost uniformly produced artificial-looking motion that we couldn’t stomach for long. While all 120Hz motion-smoothing systems suffer from a certain degree of this effect, Insignia’ seemed slightly less refined and more intrusive to us.