CEDIA Podcast Roundup

Here’s a couple podcasts posted in regards to CEDIA to summarize things if maybe you don’t have time to read the 1,000,000 news postings regarding all the events and announcements from this past weekend. Good way to start your week I say!

Entertainment 2.0-Episode 45: CEDIA 2009 Part 1

For this episode we’re joined by Richard Green, a long time Media Center user, and Josh Shenkle, contributor to The DMZ and regular guest, to go through some of the things we’ve already heard from Microsoft. This year it’s all about Cablecard and getting high quality, premium HD content into Media Center. You can read some of the announcements on The DMZ including the announcements that SDV support is coming as well as the fact that the OEM restriction for Cablecard tuners has been lifted. Great news for those of us like myself who are unwilling to use a hack to get that great HD content. We also discuss what the upcoming relaxed DRM restrictions mean to MCE users.


HDTV and Home Theater Podcast – Podcast #390: CEDIA 2009

CEDIA stands for “Custom Electronics Design and Installation Association“. Each year they have an expo where manufacturers show off their wares. This year the show is in Atlanta. While the HT Guys did not go we have friends who did attend. Listen to the show for some first hand reports from the event. In the mean time we run down some of the announcements that came out of the show.