Blockbuster Gimps Total Access Plan, Now Only 5 Free Exchanges a Month, $1.99 Each After


Is this the effect of the Video Rental Wars?  Blockbuster isn’t going to lower their price, but they are going to change the terms of your service so that you can’t get as much value.  Oh wait, they explain that this limiting IS a value right here:


Based on a member renting and returning two sets of DVDs in one month on the 3 out plan (with 5 in-store movie exchanges) for a total of 6 online rentals. Five (5) online rentals are then exchanged in-store for a free movie rental under BLOCKBUSTER Total Access, valued at the average in-store movie rental price of $4.00 each, totaling $20 in one month. Adding that to the base membership fee of $17.99 for the 3 out plan gives you a total monthly value of $38.