CableCard: Velocity Micro Does It Right

With HP off and on with their CableCard support, it seems as though Velocity Micro is the only outfit in town willing to get it right. Although I don’t agree with their case choice, they are now offering a $1600 single CC tuner system. Its not ideal, but it does come with a couple of gigs of ram and a […]

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Cable firms to raise set-top box rates

I didn’t see this one coming, lol. Cable companies, in an effort to make even less friends, have announced this which I hope will simply encourage more people to use cable cards, which in turn will hopefully make the process a little more user-friendly. Or just stick it to the cable companies and get satellite. Yahoo News They say the […]

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$1500 is a lot for a 40" LCD, but at 1080p, and the slickness of Samsung, this thing is definitely drool-worthy. TweakNews That brings the amount of HDMI connections to three which should cover anyone’s HD home theater system needs. As you can see, you have your standard VIVO connections, your PC hookups along with your legacy standard coaxial cable […]

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Using an Xbox360 HD DVD Addon on a PC


Nice to see an article like this, since the player is fairly affordable, and not a bad way to add HD-DVD to your HTPC. Of course, it does have the requirement of HDCP, so you Vista users will be somewhat limited depending on your video card…but I just checked prices, and you can pickup an HDCP-compliant card for not too […]

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Audioholics DoubleHeader

Audioholics has some advanced info on Denon’s upcoming receivers. Its not hard to see that HTPCs and receivers are converging. Denon 4308CI Audioholics New DACs allow for even digital audio sources to be routed to all zones and parallel HDMI outputs mean that if you want to run both a flat panel and front projector in the same room, you […]

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The Media Center Show #113 – Sony

Thursday already, hope everyone had a great 4th holiday. So now that you’re back in the office, make sure you listen to Ian’s latest Media Center Show Podcast. This week he’s got Sony up to bat. Disagree with their pricing all you want, but you gotta admit Sony makes some droolworthy MCE products. Show Times: 00:49 Coming up this week […]

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