Shuttle XPC Barebone SG33G5M for Media Centers


While the case may not exactly fit in with the typical HTPC "look", the design has that "bling" factor going for it.  You’ve gotta love the mirror finish on the front! Shuttle EU This Vista-ready SFF PC supports processors of Intel’s Core[TM] 2 Quad, Core[TM] 2 Duo E6000/E4000 series, Pentium Dual-Core E2000 series and Celeron 400 series and can accomodate […]

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Sony Bravia DAV-X10 Home Theater, Only Two Speakers

I don’t think I’ll ever give up my 5.1 setup, but the features on this thing are pretty unique. Gizmodo In clear competition with the single and dual surround sound speaker setups we’ve been seeing more and more of, the X10 system features just two speakers and a compact subwoofer, for 480W of total power. Topped with glass and featuring […]

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The Media Center Show #115 Kevin Tofel on UMPCs


Thursday!!! So, in addition to the week almost being over…that also means it’s Media Center Show time!!! This week up, Ian delves into UMPC’s, which if you haven’t heard about by now, you’ve probably been in a cave. These are the tiny handheld devices that are fully functional computers. How does this tie into Media Centers???? Listen to the show! […]

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Just One More Reason NOT to go Vista x64


As if you needed another reason. Well, you know that awesome little application for Media Center, that allows you to see & select which Decoder your system is using? Well, it doesn’t appear that it’s going to work with x64 Vista anytime soon. Media Center Expert The only problem is that my current 32 bit app is posting in the […]

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MCEdev bring Media Center in to the Kitchen


Ian’s got some pretty cool information about this kitchen of the future. I’m a horrible chef…but maybe if all my toys were in the kitchen I might be inspired to stay & learn a little more? Or better yet, how about I could just check out video instructions for cooking!! Ian Dixon MCEDev have developed on a interactive cookbook and […]

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Velocity Micro mystery Home Server sneak peek

As intrigued as I am after reading this, the [lack of] information really makes you wonder what the goal is for this equipment.  At this point, it sounds simply like a WHS box, which I’m sure most people would just build out of an old computer. According to Velocity Micro, its Home Server will come in several different configurations, […]

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TVersity Supports iPhone

Jenny sends in word that TVersity has released a new version of their software with support for iPhone. Along with iphone support, there are a slew of bug fixes and security fix, so head on over to upgrade if you are a user. Since the I just summarized the blog here, let me provide a quote direct from TVersity’s page […]

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