VME DivX / XviD Streaming Suite Released

I’m not quite sure how this matches up to Transcode360, but looks like it has similar functionality, and even a little more. It’ll be interesting to see some tests between the two. Hopefully some competition will make for a better experience…at least until Extenders work with these files by default. eHomeUpgrade VME is a new application that allows you to […]

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TIVO HD – Lite (on the wallet)

There’s a new Tivo in Town. Do people care anymore? ArsTechnica TiVo HD does lose some of the finer points of the regular Series 3, namely the OLED display, the fancier Glo remote, and THX certification. There’s also a 90GB drop in HD size which shaves more than 10 hours of HD recording time off of the device. However, external storage […]

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MissingRemote.com and Omaura


With the launch of Omaura coming just days away, I am happy to announce we will be teaming up with them to have a kick ass contest where we will be giving away over a thousand dollars worth of cases! Ahead of their official launch, Omaura has put up their webpage to get things going. You can check out their […]

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Tivo HD reviews


The Tivo HD reviews are starting to pop up.  I hijacked the links from over at Engadget.  I’m really looking forward to the ARS review, since they tend to look at things pretty intensively.   PC World Review CNET Review PC Magazine Review

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Netflix reeling from customer losses, site outage

Talk about a battle to the death!  Here I thought that lower prices would be a GOOD thing for Netflix!  But, analysts and Wall Street disagree, so into the depths goes the Netflix stock price.  Long term, I think they’re doing the right thing in their battle with Blockbuster, but all investors care about are earnings outlooks. MSNBC To make […]

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Q&A with TiVo’s Jim Denney about TiVo HD

Engadget managed to get a brief Q&A session with one of Tivo’s people and brought back some decent information, such as why it’s not THX certified, as well as a fairly long list of features that will be disabled at launch. Engadget Unlike the Series3, the HD will have out of the box M-Card (multi-stream CableCARD) compatibility.

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Windows Home Server reviewed at Terracode

Terracode has a review of WHS for his home server project.  The site’s a little slow at the moment, probably due to it being referenced over at Engadget.  A very screenshot intensive review, so hopefully it’ll give people a good idea of what to expect. Terracode] }Only one network card is supported per Microsoft since Network Load Balancing using multiple […]

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6 Month Vista MCE Report Card


We are almost 6 months into Vista being released to the public, and if you look around forums across the web, users are still not exactly sold on upgrading. There are many reasons that could be attributed to this: cost of Vista, not supported hardware, etc. But, I think the #1 reason is that people just don’t see the worth […]

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