Build a TV Lift Cabinet in under three hours


Kudos to PVRBlog for finding this cool article, basically a nice step by step how-to-build a TV lift cabinet. If you’ve got the patience & skill to do it, this could save you thousands in the long haul. Instructables How to build a TV Lift cabinet using an off-the-shelf dresser drawers and an off-the-shelf TV Lift Kit from Firgelli Automations. […]

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Unboxing the Logitech MX Air


Well, we posted the other day about the announcement of this remote…err..mouse from Logitech. And Engadget has their hands on it super fast. Hopefully we can get our hands on it here, I’d love to see a Gyration versus Logitech showdown! Engadget  And we must say, the new MX Air certainly lives up to this enviable reputation. From good hand […]

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So You Installed a Z-Wave Network, Now What?

Here’s another good starting point for anyone considering heading down the home automation path.  It offers up some considerations that I hadn’t realized were pretty important, depending on the end result you’re aiming for. Z-Wave World If your situation is anything like mine, once you get the whole Z-Wave setup working reliably and show it to your spouse, they’ll say […]

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Entering Home Automation One Step at a Time


A very nice beginner’s guide and installation walk-through for anyone considering entering the realm of home automation. Z-Wave World Overall, the project was certainly easier than installing a water heater or clothes dryer but required some forethought. In fact, planning where the various Z-Wave modules would go and how they might interact opened my mind to the realm of possibilities. […]

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DivX Connected Platform Sneak-Peek


While the interface definitely looks impressive, if DivX is intending to target the set top box market, I think they’re going to have the same issues Tivo has had.  It’s sad to say, but the cable companies seem content to have a significantly inferior product and keep all the profit, rather than pay any sort of licensing fee. TV Squad […]

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HotHardware’s Gigabyte GA-N680SLI-DQ6 Review


I think I found my media server motherboard!  I’ll definitely be keeping an eye on this board as more reviews come out.  The x16, x8, and x16 PCIe slots would be perfect for RAID cards.  I just have no idea what I’d do with FOUR Gigabit ethernet ports!  I guess multiple streams of HD video will have no problem coming […]

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Nyko Wii Party Station


I may not own a Wii, but this definitely seems like a great addition to your next party.  It’s still a prototype and there’s talk of making the chip bowl larger, as well as some other changes.  I have to give Nyko credit for thinking outside the… Wii. Gizmodo There are LCD scoreboards (so you can keep track of which […]

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Freecom internet radio and MP3 player


It seems like Asia and Europe get all the coolest new toys.  Then again, internet radio in the US may be on it’s way out, so this unit could turn into a $130 paperweight here in the states.  But, for any European users, the features on the MusicPal sound nice enough. Freecom Features : • Wireless digital internet radio and […]

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