Vista View Saber DA-1N1-I


As you may recall the FCC has mandated that in 2009 all analog TV will cease in the USA; any TVs, DVRs, etc. made from this point forward must also include an ATSC tuner. Vista View is the latest vendor to update their product line with a modern combination ATSC/NTSC tuner card. How will it stack up against the competition? Read on […]

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Sage TV 6.24 Beta

I can’t believe I overlooked a new beta at Sage. My apologies, I guess we need to get another contest going for user submitted news :). At any rate, Sage has a new beta out. The UI is a bit more polished then before and they even make it easier for people to develop themed graphics for the program. It […]

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HP Drops CableCARD Again

This is pretty funny/sad considering how large HP is, yet how they haven’t been able to do what smaller companies have/are doing. I wouldn’t personally buy an HP system, but having a big player like that support a technology is always helpful. Chris Lanier Well, that might not be the exact reason. According to commenter Tony, he purchased an HP […]

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Integra Ships DTR-5.8 Receiver with HDMI 1.3a


With all the changes to the HDMI standard, I’m not sure how much one should get excited about spending the fortune on a new receiver with the latest standard…but nonetheless, it’s still a pretty impressive receiver at a reasonable price. Gizmodo At this $800 price point you won’t see an array of four HDMI inputs—there are just two HDMI inputs, […]

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The Media Center Show #114 – Steven Hughes

Thursday, woooot! Time for Ian’s show. Windows Mobile up this time, see how it interacts with your Media Center. The Media Center Show  This week Steven Hughes a Windows Mobile MVP joins me to talk about Windows Mobile devices. We talk about Windows Mobile 6, mobile devices and how to get your Media Center content on to your mobile device. […]

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