Tech Report does Radeon 2400/2600 right

The Tech Report has an excellent review of the Radeon HD 2400 and 2600 series, they include metrics important to HTPC users including tests of the decoding abilties, HD image quality, power consumption, and noise. The Tech Report The Radeon HDs may have good reason for consuming a few more CPU cycles and a little more power than the GeForces in […]

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Pause live TV without a hard drive

Interesting to say the least. But with so many people already owning DVR/PVR’s in their homes, are consumers really asking for something like this that will increase the cost of the unit? TV Squad Pause TV would most likely use flash memory, although it could also be hard drive based. A TV tuner and flash memory would be integrated into […]

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Philips TSU9400 Remote Control Features Massive LCD, WiFi


Have $900 to drop on a remote control? I’m not sure high end customers like that would think about Philips…but who knows! Pretty nifty remote, but I still can’t get over that price. Gizmodo No worries, the TSU9400 is equipped with 2.4GHz wireless capabilities to operate your home theatre without line-of-sight. The 64MB of onboard memory will remember all of […]

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Belkin’s S-E-X-Y 802.11n Router


I have to agree with Gizmodo in that this is probably the best looking router ever made.  This router would look right at home next to a big, shiny, flat screen TV.  The LCD screen definitely adds that "WOW" factor, too.  Having just installed a touch screen thermostat, this would definitely fit in.  I hope it performs as good as […]

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Toshiba releases 120Hz LCDs w/HD recorders


Toshiba is set to release a couple of 120Hz LCD televisions with built-in HD recorders in Japan.  Obviously, these won’t be coming to North America anytime soon, especially without some sort of DRM.  I think I’m more surprised by the prices, though… Engadget Each features a bevy of tuners and 300GB slot loading disk with a hunger for more via […]

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