Geek Squad Founder Robert Stephens on Media Center, Marketing, Open Platforms

The first line taken from the CEPro article is "Media Center is all but dead". This quote is taken from the Geek Squad founder. I guess this must mean we should close up shop. TGB? pfft gone! While I disagree with this guy 100%! I do think there needs to be a concentrated effort from Microsoft to step up the Media Center platform. In order this is what we need to see 🙂

1. Hardware compatability – Dish, cable, OTA all need to work on a MCE computer. No hacks etc

2. IPTV/Movei Download support – Lets face, we are on the eve of the next great content delivery since cable started. Lets get a joost plugin. GO GO GO!

3. Next gen DVD support – We should be able to play these discs in a native MCE environment. After watching a couple of HD movies last night. I can say I am not far from pulling the trigger.

4.  Home Automation push – To me, this is the next big thing. It is amazingly simple to set things up in MCE compared to a custom touch panel solution


He says of Media Center: “There’s not a lot of development going on. The problem with the Media Center method is that you have to commit to a single platform vs. an interoperable one. The minute YouTube opened up its platform, things went crazy.”

“Home automation is not like a home theater, where you have to buy everything—the HDTV, the box, etc.,” he says. “With home automation, you can start with one outlet, one light control—either for a dorm room or a mansion.”