Netgear’s Answer to AppleTV Reviewed

4 out of 5 stars…for an extender which costs $400? Really? I'm skeptical, but like to see some competition coming out at the same time as AppleTV so people can see what they're really missing behind the Apple media hoopla.

Laptop Mag

Most videos, music, and photos played perfectly fine over our home network, even though the EVA8000 does not support 802.11n. The device also features a USB port that lets you play media locally. Support for just about every popular video format, including MP4 and Xvid, as well as most popular photo and music formats, means the EVA8000 will rarely balk at an unsupported media file. Of course, it won't play purchased iTunes tracks, most of which are still DRM-protected, but it had no problems with CinemaNow and Movielink videos or a downloaded movie in the Windows Media format.