Sony Introduces 720p Projectors for About $1,000

A 720p Projector from Sony of all manufacturers, for less than $1000? I don't know much about projectors, but this seems pretty sweet, and then the ability for you to have as large a screen as possible. So use the $1000 price to convince the wife, and then hope she ignores the $20,000 it'll cost to build the rest of the home theater.

Electronic House

Both projectors feature an HDMI input supporting 1080/24p, which is downscaled to native 720p and displayed at a native multiple of 24 for realistic cinema style motion reproduction, says Sony. Other inputs include a RS-232C connection for custom control applications and a host of others including component, composite and S-video. The VPL-AW15 projector also includes an HD15 input for analog PC.