MediaGate MG-350HD Review

I felt like titling this the "Yet-Another-Extender-Review" since the market is kind of flooded with these types of devices. MediaGate adds a little twist to it, with a hard drive version as well, allowing it to act as a NAS…which is cool & all, but hard drives tend to make noise which is the Last thing I'd want by my TV. But be your own judge, ExtremeTech couldn't convince themselves fully.


 Sort of a souped-up media extender, the MG-350HD is roughly the size of a Nintendo Wii console. It comes with wired and wireless networking, support for all kinds of televisions and stereo systems, and a hollow area into which you can install a hard drive. That's right-it doesn't come with storage, so you'll have to factor in the cost of an IDE drive and add it to the price of the MG-350HD, but on the bright side you can toss in as much or as little storage space as you need. The device has been tested with drives as large as 750GB.