Pioneer Pure Malt Speaker Review

We have been lacking HT news as of late, so I had to even things up a little bit. Audioholics had the chance to look at Pioneer's Pure Malt Speakers. According to the review, each speaker is made from a whiskey barrel to achieve its unique look.


At $598 for a pair, these speakers are not cheap for their size and ability. But if you consider the aesthetic appeal and high build quality of these speakers, they are a great fit for certain applications.  If you are looking for a conversation piece for your study or small office, these not only look great, but sound very good for a smaller environment where music will be listened to a lower levels.  They are quite capable of filling a 12 x 12 room, for example, with warm and tasty music.  In fact, dim the lights, build a fire in your fireplace, turn on your stereo system, sit back and enjoy listening to your music through speakers that may, in a former life, have been used to age that glass of whiskey in your hand.