Shuttle X200 Mini-HTPC

The [H] continues their stellar evaluation program with a look at the Shuttle X200 mini-HTPC. Shuttle is well known for thier mini and sleek looking boxes, so it is only natural they would extend their talents into the HTPC market. The X200 appears to be a pretty poor performer HTPC wise.

From the article:

For HTPC purposes, the X200 is severely lacking in many regards. First is the inability (as far as we could tell) to output a video signal to an analog television (which is relevant because of the exclusivity of SD-only tuners on this unit). This, combined with the lack of HD tuning capabilities, limits the X200’s appeal to what is most certainly a very limited market: owners of digital televisions who have no interest in HD programming. And even if Shuttle did offer an HD tuner as an option, the intermittent stuttering we observed while watching HD movie trailers could still limit its practicality