Fujitsu Plasmavision P42XHA58 42in Plasma TV

Fujitsu is not a name you would normally associate with plasma displays, however, they are trying to get into the market with the release of a new line of TVs aimed at the consumer market. I am not sure if this particular model is available in Europe only. This particular model has a native resolution of 1024X768 and the 50" model is 1366×768. It comes with the usual array of HD inputs and not much else to set it apart from the competition.

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So, the P42XHA58 excels in the area of picture quality? Well not quite, because truly stunning as its high definition performance is, things aren’t nearly so good when you feed it a less than perfect standard definition source. It seems like all of that awesome picture processing that’s going on with HD material just goes to sleep when you throw standard def content into the mix. With a poor SD signal, the P42XHA58 produces pictures that suffer from compression artefacts and generally look dirty and grainy, which is a shame considering this screen’s HD performance.