Dell XPS 410 with ATI TV Wonder Digital Cable Tuner

Cable Card

PCMag, those lucky bastards, have gotten their hands on a Dell XPS410 with a TV Wonder Digital Cable Tuner. I am not sure why Dell chose to ship out a tower system with a TV tuner when most people would want it for livingroom use. Reading through the review, Dell said they would arrange a date with the Cable Company to come out and isntall the CableCard the day your system is delivered. I nearly spit up my drink when I read that. I can hardly get my company to pin down a week let alone a day.

From the review:

Each CableCard must be paired
to its TV Wonder receiver by the cable company's computers, so you
can't just take the existing one out of your current TV or TiVo setup
and drop it into the TV Wonder to get it to work. Right now, that will
involve a technician visit (and another morning or afternoon waiting
around for the cable guy). This is the same situation as cable
company's HD DVRs: Two years ago every install and adjustment required
a service call; now you can just pick up a box and self-install. I hope
someday you'll be able to go to your local cable office and just pick
up a CableCard, then get it provisioned over the phone or Internet.