Seagate introduces us to DAVE

I am not sure if Seagate knows or not, but when ever you give electronics a human first name they tend to evolve and take over the world. DAVE, Seagates mobile storage solution, will be about the size of a small cell phone and allow users to store media beyond the storage capacity fo their cell phones.

From the article:

Seagate says that the company hopes the DAVE will turn mobile phones into "DVR/MP3 powerhouses," but that doesn't necessarily mean that the drive will enable unauthorized devices to play DRMed files. Agere's BluOnyx will be "DRM agnostic," the company told Ars at CES, meaning that it will respect whatever usage rights are associated with a media file, acting merely as a mass-storage device. It's likely that the DAVE will function in the same manner due to the hoops the company would likely have to jump through in order to authorize other devices to play DRMed content. Both the BluOnyx and DAVE are expected to be available in 2007, with the DAVE beating BluOnyx to market in the second quarter of the year.