Is Windows Vista Ultimate Extras a sham?


The title is pretty harsh in my opinion. Given that we are only a few weeks removed from the launch date, I am willing to cut MS some slack. Microsoft did not hide what they were selling with Ultimate so why someone would complain on a blog about buying a more expensive version and making a dumb-ass of themselves I am not sure. "Look at me! I bought something, I didn't research it and now I am complaining".

I am using Home Premium (thanks to Mike we now have concurrent sessions Laughing) myself so I can't really comment. Do you think Ultimate is worth the extra $150? Do you use Dream Scene? Bit Locker and any of the other freebies?

From the article:

But what’s coming up next? The next Ultimate Extras is most likely to be Digital Publications,
in other words, free e-books with tips and tricks to using Windows
Vista. I fail to see how that is cool or even helpful, since TweakVista has that covered pretty well, and is accessible to all
users of Windows Vista.

It might come, it might not come. Granted it is cool and useful, but
even if Microsoft does decide to commercialise this research project, I
fail to see why they would release it to such a small audience on
Ultimate Extras, when they could be making millions by putting it in to
the next version of their digital imaging suite.