EMI in talks to sell unprotected MP3s

Common sense, long since gone from the RIAA, seems to have come to at least one major label. EMI has begun discussions with online retailers to sell DRM free mp3s. Although EMI has not confirmed anything, it is good to see this kind of buzz receive positive feedback from the industry. Whats next? An open CableCard standard?

From the article:

Currently, music purchased at Apple's iTunes
Store, for example, is wrapped in Apple's proprietary version of
Digital Rights Management technology known as "FairPlay" and can only
be played on the company's iPod devices. Songs purchased from rival
online stores that carry different DRM technology cannot be played on
iPods. That has caused some to wonder whether it might be hampering

According to the people familiar with the
matter, London-based EMI asked the retailers to submit proposals by
Thursday telling the company what size advance payments they would
offer in exchange for the right to sell EMI's music as MP3s, the
Journal reported.

One of the unidentified people said EMI would
decide whether to forge ahead with the strategy based on the size of
the offers. A decision about whether to keep pursuing the idea could
come as soon as Friday, the
Journal said.