Onkyo TX-SR304 5.1 Channel Product Review

The Onkyo TX-SR304 is a sub two hundred receiver obviously aimed at the budget market. It must have did more then one or two things right to garner its 4.5 out 5 stars. The major drawbacks, which are not that major in this budget level, are the lack of switching options, on-screen display, lack of S-Video, and no front A/V connectors.

From the article:

Although the TX-SR304 does not offer the multitude of surround sound and DSP options of more expensive home theater receivers, what audio processing options it does offer are practical and deliver where it counts: Sound Quality.
Also, despite its modest rated power output (65 WPC) the Onkyo performs well in both in average small and medium-sized room, making it an excellent option for apartment and second room home theater systems.
While not have all the bells and whistles of home theater receivers in higher price ranges, in terms of practical, basic, features and solid audio and video performance.